Due to the work on psychotherapy standards in Poland, in 2015 the Commission for Accreditation and Certification developed new certification procedures, under both standard and grandparenting procedure.

Those changes result from the need to adapt the provisions to the requirements of the EAGT and to what is already in force in Poland (regulations of the Minister of Health, National Health Fund) and will be implemented when the law on the profession of psychotherapist (work of the Polish Council of Psychotherapy) comes into force.

The changes made are also important for those people who had had education in psychotherapy before (before psychotherapy in Poland started to define itself so strongly) or received training that was not accredited by the EAGT, e.g. in the USA, Australia, Ukraine or other countries.

The first step to apply for a Psychotherapist Certificate issued by our Associatiation is to accept the Candidate as a member, which should take place no later than 12 months before the scheduled date of the examination. For more information, see Information about PTPG Certificate section and Exam – Frequently Asked Questions.

We hope that the changes made to the certification procedures will strengthen the attainment of the equivalence of the PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate with certificates of other organizations / modalities.


Psychotherapist Certificate template

Certification procedures:







There will also be a procedure for obtaining a supervisory certificate, but this will be published at an even later date.

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