The PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate is an important document confirming the clinical competence that allows conducting psychotherapy in a variety of conditions and with various, even very demanding patients. Persons holding the aforementioned document may conduct psychotherapy in public and private health care and within private practice. The certificate template can be viewed here.
The PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate is in line with the recommendations of the Minister of Health’s Regulation of 6 November 2013 on guaranteed benefits in the field of psychiatric health care and addiction treatment (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1386) and with the draft law on psychotherapist profession.

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 6 November 2013 on guaranteed benefits in the field of psychiatric health care and addiction treatment, a person who fulfils all of the following conditions: (…) c/ holds a certificate, hereinafter referred to as a “psychotherapist certificate”, confirming participation in the training referred to in letter b, completed by an examination carried out by an external commission in relation to the training body, which does not include representatives of the training body, in particular appointed by associations issuing psychotherapist certificates.
Other significant professional associations belonging to the Polish Council of Psychotherapy, of which we are an active founding member, have been behaving like this for many years, among others:
• Polish Association of Process Oriented Psychotherapists and Trainers
• Polish Psychoanalytical Society
• Polish Association for Analytical Psychology
• Polish Association for Integrative Psychotherapy
• Polish Association for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy
• Polish Association for Brief Solution Focused Psychotherapy
• Polish Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies
• Research Division of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association (PPA)
• Research Division of the Family Therapy of the Polish Psychiatric Association (PPA)
• Psychotherapy Section of the Polish Psychological Association (PPA)
• Wielkopolskie Systemic Therapy Association
• and PTPG.
The PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate is an important document, in most cases helpful in applying for a job or contract in public and non-public institutions as a certified psychotherapist (detailed information on conditions for conducting psychotherapy, including by individuals undergoing training have been described in a regulation of the Minister of Health (Journal of Laws of 2013, item 1386)).
Obtaining a PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate is a confirmation of high standards of conducting psychotherapy in accordance with EAGT principles and standards developed by the Polish Council of Psychotherapy. Psychotherapists certified by our Associatiation have been trained to meet the hourly requirements specified in the aforementioned regulation of the Minister of Health and may conduct psychotherapy within the framework of the National Health Fund.
Those individuals that have completed postgraduate training in psychotherapy, after meeting the requirements described in the procedure – normal mode or grandparenting – are entitled to take the certification exam in our Associatiation.
The process of obtaining a PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate includes, among others:
• undergoing training in psychotherapy, compliant with EAGT standards and in line with PRP training minima to the extent specified by regulations of the Ministry of Health, certified by document issued by the training institute (e.g. in the form of a certificate of completion, graduation diploma),
• clinical practice,
• supervision,
• case description,
• taking a certification exam with the Examination Board appointed by the PTPG.
Please note that when taking the exam you have to be a PTPG member for at least 12 months. Detailed information and certificate template here.
We also recommend reading the “Exam – Frequently Asked Questions” section.

The Psychotherapist Certificate issued by the PTPG is valid for 5 years and is renewable. The basis for renewing the validity of the certificate are: clinical practice, documented participation in supervision, participation in seminars, workshops and other forms of lifelong learning. The first re-certification concerns activities related to Gestalt psychotherapy – more here. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the certificate may be renewed on the basis of a re-examination.
Certificates issued by EAGT or EAP are not always sufficient for conducting qualified psychotherapy in Poland, and detailed information on this can be obtained directly from relevant institutions. From the very beginning of operation of our organization (since 2005) one of the goals of the PTPG has been to develop standards for Gestalt psychotherapists certification in Poland and to issue a Psychotherapist Certificate – one certificate for all graduates of Gestalt training institutes. This has been and is important due to the fact that in our country the certification of psychotherapists is the responsibility of professional associations. This was reflected / confirmed in the regulations of the Minister of Health and the National Health Fund.
In 2012, the PTPG conducted the first certification exam (external, independent of the training institutes) leading to obtaining the PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate. This was an important step in the light of the solutions adopted in the draft law on the profession of psychotherapist, Polish standards and the binding regulations of the Minister of Health. The standardization of the psychotherapist certification system in Poland strengthens the image and position of Gestalt psychotherapy in our country. When the law on the profession of psychotherapist enters into force, the aforementioned document will probably be the basis for entering a given individual into the Psychotherapist Register.
According to the standards adopted in Poland, the process of education in psychotherapy means (collectively):
• completion of postgraduate psychotherapeutic training lasting min. 4 years and covering min. 1 200 hours of theoretical and practical training in accordance with the PRP framework curriculum, certified by a certificate of completion or other document,
• meeting additional requirements as described in the certification procedures of individual professional associations, including those regarding clinical practice and supervision,
• certification exam (external, independent of the training institutes) conducted by associatiations the members of which are psychotherapists,
• and after receiving the certificate, submitting work to supervision and active participation in lifelong learning forms such as training, conferences, seminars.

PTPG keeps records of issued certificates and a list of certified psychotherapists, which is also available on the website.
PTPG is a founding member of the Polish Council of Psychotherapy. We actively participate in the work of the Council; we are co-authors of the adopted standards of the PRP – since December 2014 we have been represented in regular meetings by Renata Mizerska and Michał Kostrzewski.
The PTPG is accredited as the National Organization of Gestalt Therapy NOGT EAGT. Terms of renewal of the PTPG Psychotherapist Certificate and the European Certificate of Gestalt Psychotherapy issued by the EAGT are similar. For more information about the EAGT, see the Membership Information and EAGT Certificate section.

Also individuals who have completed training other than accredited by the EAGT may apply for a Psychotherapist Certificate, e.g. they have completed training outside Poland or had started school before 2007.
It is not necessary to obtain a certificate issued by EAGT or other societies or entities to obtain a Psychotherapist Certificate issued by the PTPG.
The PTPG is not an organization entitled to extend the validity of any documents issued by other organizations, societies or entities.
Gestalt psychotherapists may apply for certificates also with other Polish and foreign professional associations, according to their preferences.
According to EAGT standards, training in psychotherapy must cover min. 1 450 hours.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Certification and Accreditation Commission directly: certyfikat(at)