Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy (PTPG)

was founded in 2005 as NOGT National Organization for Gestalt Therapy.
It as an association of psychotherapists whose work is based on Gestalt approach (full members) and of persons in training in Gestalt psychotherapy (associate members)..

Our goals as a society are:

    1. To preserve contents and tradition of Gestalt therapy
    2. To ensure development of theory and practice of Gestalt therapy
    3. To support research oriented towards developing theory and practice of Gestalt therapy
    4. To support scientific exchange with other theoretic approaches on national and international platforms
    5. To spread training and continued training standards for Gestalt psychoterapists in Poland in line with EAGT standards
    6. To ensure high quality of Gestalt psychotherapy in Poland
    7. To promote high standards of psychotherapy practice, professional ethics and training in Gestalt psychotherapy
    8. To spread EAGT certificates in Poland and to support polish therapists in qualifying for those certificates
    9. To support high quality of services in area of psychotherapy, prevention, upbringing, counselling, education and supervision based on Gestalt psychotherapy principles
    10. To care about professional ethics and to provide and abide standards of training in Gestalt psychotherapy; to ensure equivalency of those standards with EU standards and EAGT standards
    11. To preserve and develop philosophical, social, ethical and conceptual basis for Gestalt psychotherapy

PTPG is an organization associated in European Association for Gestalt Therapy. Standards of training and practice for PTPG members are equal with EAGT standards. We are also among founding members of Polish Council for Psychotherapy www.psychoterapiawpolsce.pl